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Mitacs-Designing a Personal and Realistic Career Plan

A unique opportunity to dedicate two days to plan your future and design one or several professional project(s). During this graduate-focused, interactive training, you will design a realistic career plan that fits your personal aspirations, your competencies and aligns with the job market reality.  Visit the Mitacs webpage to register.  

Mitacs-Business Writing for Today's Professional

No matter what field you are working in, written communication is a critical part of your day-to-day duties. Regardless of your comfort or skill level, you can benefit from learning techniques to entice your readers and achieve your goals. This course will help all professionals hone their writing skills using proven techniques and processes.  Visit the Mitacs webpage to register.  

Open Publishing Opportunities for UG Authors and Editors

The foundations of traditional book and journal publishing have been undergoing dramatic changes in recent years. Many new avenues are available to authors and editors and while more options are a good thing, it can be daunting to make informed publishing decisions. This workshop will present the role of Open Publishing in this landscape and will focus on local platforms and services that are freely available to UG scholars. This will be of particular interest to book authors and editors of new or established journals.

Presentation Bootcamp

Presentation Boot Camp is a half-day workshop for students who would like to learn more about presentation skills and strategies to use in academic settings.  It features a series of hands-on sessions, including:    Voice and speech clarity Audience engagement Slide design To to the Library Registration page to register for the workshop

Slice of Entrepreneurship

Learn about exciting entrepreneurship opportunities on campus!  Check out products and meet successful founders from real U of G startups and enjoy a free slice of pizza.

Pitch Yourself: How to Develop and Film a Pitch Video

Film a pitch video to document your employability skills and stand out to employers! This two-hour workshop will provide you with the necessary skills in scripting and filming a pitch video.  Participants will have the chance to watch and assess examples, while also scripting their own. Participants will also be provided with tips on filming with professional equipment versus their smartphone. After this workshop, you’ll be able to:                 List tips and tools for scripting your video                 Apply the key elements of a pitch video

Advantage Workshop: Innovation Toolkit

Develop skills related to assertive risk-taking; and Investigate innovation tools such as design thinking, brainstorming and validation exercises.   Questions? Contact Kelly Ziegler.  Go to the registration page to register for the event.

DEADLINE: Application for April Dissertation Bootcamp

Dissertation Bootcamp is an intensive one-week (Monday to Friday, 8:45am-4:00pm) program designed to help graduate students accomplish their thesis writing goals and accelerate their time to completion. DBC offers graduate students focused and supported individual time to write, as well as lessons on writing issues and access to one-on-one support with writing experts. Writing Services offers DBC once every semester: in December, April, and June (or July). Each program accommodates 28-40 students per program.

Talk like an Academic series (7 weeks)

What is the Talk like an Academic Series? This seven-week program provides academic communication support for graduate-level students with English as an Additional Language (EAL). Participants are given an opportunity to learn and practice English language communication skills and strategies for interacting in typical graduate-student academic and professional scenarios. The scenarios include:                 Summarizing and discussing research in brief interactions with fellow academics                 Interacting with professors and/or advisors

Skills for Research Impact Session 7: Event Planning & Facilitation

Knowing how to run effective meetings and engage your stakeholders (academic and non-academic) is essential to ensure the impact of your research. In this session of the Skills for Research Impact series, build a checklist of event planning essentials and discuss best practices in group facilitation.  Visit the registration page  for more information and to register. 

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