Karl Henning | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Karl Henning

Portrait of Dr. Karl Hennig


As a faculty member in the Area of Clinical Psychology, I am advising clinical students. Results of our research inform the clinical prevention-treatment work that is done in the community as well as in the area of youth justice and corrections.



About my research…

Two research programs are currently being examined. The first program of research involves a series of studies examining problems associated with an overly relational self-construal (e.g., eating disorders, depression). The second examines predictors of violence within intimate relationships and other forms of deviant behavior (e.g., physical fighting, drugs, alcohol, health-risking sexual behavior, delinquency) are being examined. A social learning model is being compared to an attachment-trauma model. A more individual project, one of my PhD students is examining the role of self-compassion and resistance in ameliorating the relationship between self-criticism and negative affect.

Why you should choose Guelph…

Our clinical psychology program is fully CPA accredited. Our Ph.D. graduates have assumed, and been very competitive towards, careers in universities, hospitals, private practice, and school boards. Unique to our program is our child clinical emphasis, which understands problems youth have within the contexts of family, school and community.