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Graduate Policy Tutorials

The Associate Dean of Graduate Studies has created short video tutorials to explain Graduate Program Policies for Graduate Students, Faculty, Graduate Program Coordinators and Graduate Program Assistants.

The videos are in the Graduate Program Policies group in the Microsoft Stream app that is included in the UoG Office365 package. Access to the videos is restricted to people with a email account so you must be logged into the university system via single-sign on (SSO) to view them, even if you access them via the direct links provided below. Once you are signed in and access one video via a link, you can explore other videos that are available in Stream.

New content will be added so check back on occasion.

We hope that you find these tutorials helpful and we welcome feedback.


Program Duration Policy

Part 1 – Overview of the Policy 

Part 2 – Plans of Study

Part 3 – Appeals for Extension Past Maximum Program Duration

Part 4 – Relation of Program Duration to:

  •  Leaves of Absence
  •  Thesis Defence Requests
  • Appeals of Negative A&P Decisions


Admissions and Progress Committee (A&P)

Part 1 – Overview of the Committee

Part 2 – Mandate of the Committee

Part 3 – Membership of the Committee