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Using WebAdvisor

The registration process is done electronically using WebAdvisor. For detailed instructions on how to use WebAdvisor please consult the WebAdvisor Tutorial. The WebAdvisor Tutorial includes instructions that will take you through the two-part process of registering for course sections. The first part explains how to add course sections to your "Preferred Sections" list. The second part will explain how to then register for course sections you have added to your "Preferred Sections" list.

Once you have made your choices, you should get a fairly immediate response to indicate that your choices have been registered. If you don't, please take careful note of the message(s) that you do get. If successful, it is recommended that you log out and then log back in and check My Class Schedule, to be sure that everything is there. Then check Account Summary or Registration Billing to see your account for term when it is available.

If you have difficulty with WebAdvisor please consult Ask Gryph (link provided on the WebAdvisor homepage), the University's automated help feature that allows its user the ability to receive instant responses to their questions. Ask Gryph can be accessed by navigating to Ask Gryph or by clicking on the Ask Gryph button in the upper right-hand corner of every WebAdvisor screen.

Please note that you cannot select undergraduate courses or courses for audit using WebAdvisor.

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All students who will utilize vertebrate animals in their research and/or will be working as teaching assistants in a course involving vertebrate animals must complete the Animal Care Short Course. The program includes online modules and hands-on workshops.