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Student Planning: New Tool for Course Enrolment

As part of the Student Information Systems Refresh initiative, the University will be introducing a new online tool - called Student Planning - for course enrolment and degree planning.  This intuitive tool is now launched, in time for Fall 2021 enrolment. 

If you have difficulty with WebAdvisor please consult Ask Gryph (link provided on the WebAdvisor homepage), the University's automated help feature that allows its user the ability to receive instant responses to their questions. Ask Gryph can be accessed by navigating to Ask Gryph or by clicking on the Ask Gryph button in the upper right-hand corner of every WebAdvisor screen.

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All students who will utilize vertebrate animals in their research and/or will be working as teaching assistants in a course involving vertebrate animals must complete the Animal Care Short Course. The program includes online modules and hands-on workshops.