Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Meet our Students

Portrait of graduate student Danielle Julien-Wright (PhD, Population Medicine) in the Albert A. Thornbrough Building, University of Guelph

Danielle Julien-Wright

As a veterinarian I will have the opportunity to affect changes in health in communities of animals and people with the skill sets I have learned and built upon throughout my graduate studies. I will be a veterinary epidemiologist specializing in sustainable community health utilizing the approach/philosophy/strategy of One Health - hey, now that's pretty amazing!

Portrait of graduate student Avery Richer (PhD, Plant Agriculture) in the Science Atrium at the University of Guelph

Avery Richer

Guelph is an amazing city to live in. I have been here for 7 years and am quite settled. I can't imagine living anywhere else. The people and town vibes are like no other!

Graduate student Ashley Ross (PhD, Pathobiology) in the atrium of the Albert A. Thornbrough Building, University of Guelph

Ashley Ross

The main reason I chose UofG was because of my supervisors and project. I wanted to become an expert in oncolytic virotherapy to positively impact the lives of cancer patients. I also chose to complete my graduate studies at UofG because of the excellent facilities at the Ontario Veterinary College. The new Pathobiology building allows me to conduct my research with state of the art equipment such as our flow cytometer and animal facilities.

Portrait of graduate student Caleb Sawh (MSc, Marketing & Consumer Studies) in the atrium of MacDonald Stewart Hall at the University of Guelph

Caleb Sawh

After graduation I plan on finding a job in the field of marketing research. UofG not only has equipped me with the tools to be successful in the field, but they have prepared me to be a cut above the rest of the applicants.

Portrait of graduate student Abdalla Albeely

Abdalla Albeely

One of the things that attracted me to Guelph is how connected the sports community is in this beautiful city. If you play any sport, you can very easily find a team or a place where you can practice and/or compete.

Kristen Alves

Kristen Alves

Graduate studies at the University of Guelph is unique because of the vibrant and friendly community environment, the access to outstanding resources and training, and the many opportunities on campus to develop important career and life skills.  

Portrait of Chrys Apostolatos

Chrys Apostolatos

My research focuses on how to better connect  Southern  settler and Northern Inuit communities through art.