Recruitment & Admissions Support Overview | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Recruitment & Admissions Support Overview


The Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies provides knowledge, expertise and support to academic departments in the area of graduate recruitment:

  • Prospective Graduate Student email template emails for domestic students as well as international students. Departments are welcome to customize these template emails to respond to prospective applicant emails in a quick and efficient manner.
  • College/Department Recruitment Events. Review our best practices in recruitment event planning document when organizing your in-house recruitment event. We provide information about how to target your audience, market your event,  and communicate with prospects.
  • Communicating with prospects and applicants is pivotal in graduate recruitment. Review our recommended guidelines for communication with prospective students, applicants and those in which you have extended an offer of admission.

Helpful Links:

Graduate Recruitment Presentation: Fall 2015 Graduate Coordinator Workshop


The admissions division provides knowledge, expertise and support to academic departments in the following areas:

  • Oversight and management of the graduate admissions process.
  • End-user training and support for admissions systems including ImageNow (WebNow).
  • Support for applicants, faculty and administrators on admissions policies and procedures.
  • The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies provides resources and support for domestic and international academic credential evaluation.
  • The OURA Graduate Studies International Admission Placement Guide assists faculty and staff with evaluating foreign credential. 

Helpful Links:

For general admissions inquiries:

Cathy Fairchild, Graduate Admission Specialist (CBS, COA, OAC, OVC )

Pauline Gazo, Graduate Admission Specialist (LANG, CPES, CSAHS), ext 56737
Nick Pankerichan, Manager, Graduate Admission and Marketing, ext 56198
Karen Whylie Marketing & Digital Content Coordinator, ext 52449