Cost of Tuition/Living | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Cost of Tuition/Living

The following is an itemized list of expenses for one graduate student. Applicants should note that these costs are estimates and should be used only as a guideline. Specific costs related to tuition and fees are listed on the Student Financial Services website.

Costs incurred by a student may vary depending on many factors including, but not limited to, lifestyle, whether you are supporting family members, and the program to which you are admitted. All costs are estimated in Canadian dollars and are subject to change at any time.

To estimate your tuition and cost of living expenses calculate the Domestic or International Tuition and Fees cost plus the cost of living expenses in the charts below.


Graduate Tuition and Fees

Tuition and compulsory fees are assessed based on your cohort year

Per Semester Tuition (Fall 23), Including Compulsory Fees* Domestic Costs International Costs
DVSc/MES/MFA**/MFARE/MPH/Mplan $3,394 $9,461
MA/MSc/MASC/GDip $3,275 $7,735
MAN $4,894 $12,794
MBA/MA Lead $5,471 $8,101
MBinf $3,394 $10,623
MBiot $3,394 $10,908
MBS $3,394 $10,646
MCL $4,852 $6,352
MCTI $8,398 $14,898
MDS $9,231 $14,898
MDTM $5,885 $9,052
MEng $3,394 $11,706
MFA Creative Writing at Guelph Humber $3,241 $9,308
MLA $3,444 $11,486
MSc FSQA $3,275 $10,478
MSc Management $3,375 $10,898
MPM $11,375 $13,875
MWB $6,898 $10,908
Project Management GDip $10,898 $13,398
PhD $3,228 $3,222**
International Students - University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for fall semester.   $756 annually


*Including program-specific fees, other University fees, and student organization fees which are $277 less in the winter semester.

**Tuition shown accounts for the international doctoral tuition scholarship for those admitted with a minimum 80% average.

Additional expenses to consider may include travel to (or within) Canada.


Downtown Guelph on market day


Setting up your home in Guelph

Graduate Student On-Campus Housing:
Applications for Fall are due by June 3

International graduate students beginning in Fall 2024 are guaranteed a space in campus residence if they submit their application and deposit by June 3. Applications submitted post-June 3 will be placed on a waiting list and accommodated based on availability.

Domestic graduate students may also apply by the specified deadline; their applications will be considered subject to space availability. While not guaranteed, graduate students with partners or families are encouraged to apply for Family Housing. U of G Student Housing Services offers comprehensive information and resources on On-Campus, Off-Campus, and Family Housing options.

Off-Campus Resources:
Searching for Off-Campus Housing Video
University of Guelph Off-Campus Living
U of G Rental Living Resource Webpage
Off-Campus Living Advisor
Guelph Transit

Recommended Listing Websites for Off-Campus Housing:
Rent Panda

The average food cost per year in 2022 for an adult 19-30years - $3,714 (Canada Food Price Report, 2022)

Cost of Living While Studying at Guelph

Based on data from the College of Arts Study and Living Costs page. All costs have been estimated.

Expense Costs by Semester Costs by Year
Off-campus housing (shared)  $5,600-8,400  $10,680 - $25,200 
Utilities $830 $2,490
Food (groceries)  $1,025 $3,070
Telephone $207 $622
Entertainment / Recreation $700 $2,100
Personal Care (haircuts, grooming, hygiene) $260 $780
Clothing $520 $1,560
Laundry (typically not part of rent)  $64 $192
Transportation (Guelph Public Transit buses are included in tuition) $0 $0
Parking (if you choose to drive) $316-$640 $632-$1,280
Books and Supplies $0 $1,300
Total $9,205 $22,494


Additional One-Time Costs

Based on data from the College of Arts Study and Living Costs page. All costs have been estimated.

Expense Cost
Computer $2,000 
Security Deposit for Housing/Rental Unit (will count as your last month's rent) $200-$500
Home Décor / Furniture $500-$1,000
Winter Clothing $300