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Completion and Graduation

Whether you are completing your thesis and need guidance as to what to do next or if you are wondering about the convocation process, we can help you. Follow the steps in completing a Master's Thesis or the steps in completing a Doctoral Thesis. Information on Intellectual Property issues will also be a very important part of writing your thesis, so make sure you bookmark that section.

The documentation on Thesis Completion will provide you with information on the suggested timelines through to successful thesis defense. 

Guidelines and tips for completing oral exams remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic:

The Thesis Preparation section will walk you through formatting, style, electronic and print formatting, and PDF creation.When you are ready to submit your thesis, refer to the Submission Checklist to make sure you submit all the appropriate documents.

Once everything is approved and submitted you will be ready to graduate, and if you have any questions please refer to our Graduation section of the website. Congratulations!