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Applying for Graduation

Applying for graduation is required for completing your program, even if you do not plan to attend the convocation ceremony.

You must apply for graduation in order for your thesis to be approved in the Atrium and/or for the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) to approve your program completion.

Please review: 

Graduation Application Procedures
WebAdvisor Application for Graduation
Schedule of Dates 

Did you know?

You can apply to graduate as early as your 2nd semester!

If you don't end up graduating in that semester, then your application will automatically be pushed forward to the next graduation period.

Look out for emails every semester reminding you to apply for graduation.

When are you "finished" your program?

Applying for graduation does not guarantee your graduation.

In addition to applying for graduation, OGPS must approve your thesis in the Atrium and/or verify that you have met your program requirements.

You will receive a notification confirming when your program is officially "complete." 

Do you need a Letter of Completion?

You can only request a Letter of Completion after OGPS notifies you that your program is officially complete. Once you are sure that your program is complete, you may request a Letter of Completion through Enrolment Services.

Library Clearance

It is your responsibility to return all items to the library and pay all outstanding fees. You will not be able to receive an official transcript until you have received clearance from the library.

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