Submission Checklist | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Submission Checklist

Now that you have completed your thesis you will want to collect all the forms that you need and submit them to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies.  You will then convert your thesis to PDF and upload it to the Atrium.

PLEASE NOTE : You are responsible for ensuring that your department receives a copy of your thesis, if it is required.

Form Submission to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

It is important to note that if required forms are not submitted your thesis will not be reviewed.

Forms that are required:

  1. Certificate of Approval – This is the final acceptance /approval by your Examination Committee
  2. Thesis Submission Control Sheet – on this form you certify that you have checked your thesis for any errors, completion and copyright.

Forms that you may require:

  1. Request to Restrict Circulation of Thesis – If you wish to apply for restrictions on the circulation of your thesis due to patents pending or other circumstances, you must fill out and submit a Request to Restrict Circulation of Thesis . This form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies well in advance of your final submission.
  2. Early Completion Rebate – This form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies during the Student Financial Services Rebate Period, if applicable.

Submission Process

  1. Ensure that you have applied to graduate by the published deadline.
  2. Submit all required forms to the appropriate Graduate Records and Postdoctoral Officer found on our contact us page
  3. Review your thesis - ensure that there are no errors in your thesis before submission to the Atrium.
  4. Review the instructions for uploading your thesis to the Atrium.
  5. Submit your thesis and any supplementary files to the Atrium.

Once your thesis has been submitted, it will be reviewed for adherence to formatting guidelines by OGS (approximately one to three working days – weekends excepted).

If there are errors:

                You will be contacted by email to advise you of any corrections that must be made prior to final approval.   Note: you may be required to resubmit electronically via the Atrium.

If approved:

                You will be notified by email.

Your thesis and select bibliographic information will be published with the University of Guelph Institutional Repository ETD collection.

If you wish to have your thesis bound

  1. You may submit your thesis as a PDF on-line through PageforPage at . Simply follow the instructions, upload your files, choose the desired options for your thesis, make your payment and then wait for your bound thesis to be delivered.
  2. Thesis binding and copying may also be done by contacting M & T Printing Group at  to receive instructions on submission, binding and delivery.*Payment for printing and binding copies is made through the M & T Printing Group.

If you find an error after your thesis has been approved to the Atrium:

On the rare occasion that significant error (chapter missing or duplicated, removal of a person’s name etc) in content is discovered after submission to the Atrium, you may contact the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies for instruction on how to submit a one-page Erratum which will be appended to your thesis. Errors of a minor nature will not be changed.