Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Spotlight on Faculty

Portrait of Professor Fei Song

Fei Song

Statistical natural language processing has been actively studied in the field of Artificial Intelligence. My research is mainly focused on applying machine learning methods in Information Retrieval, Text Categorization, Sentiment Analysis, Text Segmentation, Text Summarization, Privacy Policy Analysis, and Text Mining.


Portrait of graduate faculty Courtney R. Schott (Pathobiology PhD, DVSc, MSc)

Courtney R. Schott

About my research:

Osteosarcoma is an aggressive bone cancer in dogs and people. My lab investigates the mechanisms that permit osteosarcoma cells to spread to new sites (metastasis) and survive exposure to chemotherapy (chemoresistance). Additionally, we are working on identifying biomarkers that can help predict outcomes and/or guide therapeutic decisions for patients with osteosarcoma.

Portrait of Dr. Medhat Moussa

Medhat Moussa

My research is focused on developing intelligent robotics systems including Robotic grasping, human-robot interaction, machine vision, machine learning, and embedded computing systems.


Portrait of Dr. Ryan Prosser

Ryan Prosser

The School of Environmental Sciences (SES) at the University of Guelph is a great place for your graduate education as it provides the opportunity to be exposed and/or get experience in a multitude of scientific disciplines.


Dr. Andrea Clark

Andrea Clark

Through our studies of chondrocyte signal transduction and osteoarthritis we hope to identify novel approaches for improved treatments of osteoarthritis that will relieve the suffering of Canadians living with osteoarthritis.


University of Guelph Biotechnology Professor Andrew Hamilton-Wright

Andrew Hamilton-Wright

We look at interesting data problems with real-world impact.​

Email: andrew.hamilton-wright@uoguelph.c