Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Spotlight on Faculty

Headshot of Margaret Lumley

Margaret Lumley

Abnormal Development, Child/Adolescent Depression, Childhood Maltreatment, Self-Schema Structure and Content


Portrait of graduate faculty Courtney R. Schott (Pathobiology PhD, DVSc, MSc)

Courtney R. Schott

About my research:

Osteosarcoma is an aggressive bone cancer in dogs and people. My lab investigates the mechanisms that permit osteosarcoma cells to spread to new sites (metastasis) and survive exposure to chemotherapy (chemoresistance). Additionally, we are working on identifying biomarkers that can help predict outcomes and/or guide therapeutic decisions for patients with osteosarcoma.

Portrait of professor Joshua Nasielski

Joshua Nasielski

How can Ontario farmers make more money, be more environmentally sustainable, and be more resilient to climate extremes?​

Portrait of Al Lauzon

Al Lauzon

My research interests are in the foundations and processes of capacity development and extension, with a particular focus on rural and remote communities and regions.


University of Guelph Computer Sciences Professor Minglun Gong

Minglun Gong

Dr. Gong’s research interests cover various topics in the broad area of visual computing (including computer graphics, computer vision, visualization, image processing, and pattern recognition).

Robert Corry

Robert Corry

I am engaged in questions of applied landscape ecology in rural and agricultural landscapes, including changes in landscape patterns and the consequences of those changes on biodiversity, water quality, and culture.

Amy Greer

Amy Greer

My research uses mathematical models and computer simulation to help identify improved infectious disease prevention and control strategies in both humans and animals. Our work has a significant impact on public health and veterinary health, by strengthening planning and disease control strategies to prevent infectious disease outbreaks.