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Spotlight on Faculty

Headshot of Paula Barata

Paula Barata

My research deals with psychosocial factors that influence women's health and wellbeing. Currently I am working on projects in...


Headshot of Joe Barth

Joe Barth

In the hospitality field, our programs are the best in Canada. The school and its graduates enjoy the respect and support of the hospitality industry and offers new students a chance to join the largest and most active alumni association of hospitality professionals in Canada.

Janet Beeler-Marfisi

Janet Beeler-Marfisi

My lab studies lung disease in horses, cats, and dogs. We look for relationships between air pollution and the incidence of asthma. As well, we are developing more detailed ways of understanding how lung diseases arise, and finding more accurate methods for diagnosing them.


Headshot of Andrew Bendall

Andrew Bendall

My group uses in vivo and in vitro models to ask how transcriptional regulators of the Dlx gene family influence cellular differentiation in the skeleton and craniofacial tissue patterning during vertebrate embryogenesis...


Headshot of Dorothee Bienzle

Dorothee Bienzle

The main focus of the laboratory is to study the host response to infection with lentiviruses such as the feline immunodeficiency virus. Other research concerns the role of secretoglobins in the development and progression of lung inflammation in horses.


Headshot of Elizabeth G. Boulding

Elizabeth Boulding

My research looks at scales of local genetic adaptation to exotic Predators by Prey with high and low dispersal potential as well asĀ ecological genomics and local adaptation of wild and aquacultural populations of Canadian Atlantic salmon.

Ryan Broll

Ryan Broll

My research interests include bullying and cyberbullying, policing, and victimization. I am particularly interested in the ways in which the peer, family, and school contexts influence adolescents' involvement in cyberbullying, and how groups of adults collaborate to prevent and respond to cyberbullying.