John Zettel | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

John Zettel


Portrait of Professor John Zettel




Human Health & Nutritional Sciences, Biomechanics and Neurophysiology


Collaborative Specialization in Neuroscience

About my research…

My research focuses on understanding the control & coordination of human movement with an emphasis on postural control & balance. This includes studying how postural stability is maintained and integrated with goal-directed movements (e.g. reaching, stepping, whole-body reaching), as well as the ability to react to recover from a sudden loss of balance during ongoing movement. 

How my research improves life…

My research not only develops an understanding of balance and movement control mechanisms, but also in application to the immense problem of impaired mobility and falls in older adults. It seeks to identify specific age-related changes which predispose older adults to falls as well as ways of maintaining and extending mobility as a key factor in healthy aging.