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Academic Programs - By Program

* Indicates a collaborative specialization. A collaborative specialization is an intra-university graduate field of study that provides an additional multidisciplinary experience for students enrolled in and completing the degree requirements for one of a number of approved Master's or Doctoral programs.
Accounting GDip
Animal Biosciences MSc, PhD
Art History and Visual Culture MA
Artificial Intelligence: * MASc, MSc
Bioinformatics PhD, MSc, MBinf
Biomedical Sciences PhD, MSc, DVSc, MBS
Biophysics MSc, PhD
Biotechnology MBIOT
Business Administration MBA
Capacity Development & Extension MSc
Chemistry MSc, PhD
Clinical Studies DVSc, MSc
Computational Sciences PhD
Computer Science PhD, MSc
Conservation Leadership MCL
Creative Writing MFA
Criminology & Criminal Justice Policy MA
Critical Studies in Improvisation MA, PhD
Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence MCTI
Dairy Technology Management MDTM
Data Science MDS
Economics MA, PhD
Engineering PhD, MEng, MASc
English MA
Environmental Sciences MES, MSc, PhD
European Studies MA
Family Relations & Applied Nutrition PhD, MSc, MAN
Food Safety & Quality Assurance MSc, GDip
Food Science PhD, MSc
Food, Agricultural & Resource Economics PhD, MSc, MFARE
French MA
Geography PhD, MSc, MA
History PhD, MA
Human Health & Nutritional Sciences PhD, MSc
Integrative Biology PhD, MSc
International Development Studies * MA, MSc, PhD
Landscape Architecture MLA
Latin American & Caribbean Studies MA
Leadership MA in Leadership
Literary Studies/Theatre Studies in English PhD
Management MSc, PhD
Market Research GDip
Marketing & Consumer Studies MSc
Master of Applied Nutrition: MAN MAN
Mathematics & Statistics MSc, PhD
Molecular & Cellular Biology MSc, PhD
Neuroscience * MA, MSc, PhD
One Health* MES, PhD, MSc(Planning), MSc, MEng, MASc, MA
Pathobiology DVSc, GDip, MSc, PhD
Philosophy PhD, MA
Physics MSc, PhD
Plant Agriculture MSc, PhD
Political Science MA, PhD
Population Medicine PhD, MSc, DVSc
Psychology MA, MSc(Neuroscience & Applied Cognitive Science only), PhD
Public Health MPH, GDip
Public Issues Anthropology MA
Regenerative Medicine* DVSc, MASc, MBS, MSc, PhD
Rural Planning & Development MSc(Planning), MPlan
Rural Studies PhD
Sexualities, Genders and Bodies* PhD, MSc, MA
Social Practice and Transformational Change PhD
Sociology MA, PhD
Studio Art MFA
Theatre Studies MA
Tourism & Hospitality MSc
Toxicology * MSc, PhD
Veterinary Medicine / Public Health DVM, MPH
Veterinary Science DVSc