Jana Levison | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Jana Levison

U of Guelph Engineering Professor Jana Levison



Engineering (PhD, MASc, MEng)

About my research

My research focuses on protecting groundwater resources. I am particularly interested in rural groundwater challenges, including both water quality and quantity, and the impacts of climate change.

How my research improves life

Groundwater is extremely important for human use worldwide but also is critical to supporting habitats for other species. It is imperative that groundwater is protected for potable water supply, agricultural and industrial production, and ecosystem health.

Why you should choose UofG

The University of Guelph has amazing graduate programs in Water Resources Engineering. Faculty and students conduct innovative research that helps society and the environment. There are many excellent courses, and opportunities to get involved. We also have the world-renowned Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute, with a strong focus on field-focused groundwater research.