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Kathryn Preuss

U of G Chemistry Professor Kathryn Preuss





About my research...

The Preuss research lab focuses primarily on synthetic inorganic chemistry. We design and synthesize molecule-based crystalline materials with technologically-relevant properties, such as magnetic memory, mechanical flexibility, and conductivity. We seek to uncover and understand the fundamental relationships between molecular and supramolecular structure and the properties they impart.

How my research improves life...

The advancement of civilization and technology is deeply dependent on the discovery and development of materials. Examples of recent advances that have transformed our world include the invention and improvement of semi-conductors and LEDs, both of which relied on fundamental advancement in the understanding of chemical structure-function relationships. We are working on new problems, including how to develop materials that can perform quantum computing functions, materials that are crystalline and yet mechanically flexible, and materials that can be incorporated into paints or coatings and possess magnetic memory

Why chose grad studies at U of G?

The University of Guelph provides an environment that is intellectually stimulating, community-focussed, engaging, and welcoming. The research-based graduate programs in Chemistry provide world-class technical skills training in a supportive environment. We strive to create an atmosphere in which the students and researchers thrive academically, professionally, and personally.