Doctoral Thesis Submission and Defence Schedule | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Doctoral Thesis Submission and Defence Schedule

It is the responsibility of the advisor to begin making arrangement for the doctoral thesis defence at least eight (*) weeks prior to the anticipated date of the defence.







Detailed Procedures



The external examiner submits a report, comments, and any suggestions for revision to the department chair at least seven days before the examination. It is understood that, as a result of the final oral examination, corrections arising from the external examiner's report and from the comments of the examination committee may be necessary to produce an acceptable revised final draft of the thesis.



Forms Required Before the Thesis Defense

  •  Examination Request form
  •  PhD/DVSc Final Examination form

Forms Required for Thesis Examination

  • Report of Doctoral Examination Committee
  • Certificate of Approval (Doctoral Thesis)
  • Recommendation for Degree