Alicyia Walczyk - Mooradally | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Alicyia Walczyk - Mooradally

Portrait of graduate student Alicyia Walczyk - Mooradally

Why I chose Guelph?

During my undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph I was able to join the MCB department in my third year as a work study student. It was my first exposure to an academic research lab and since then I never wanted to leave! I continued on to complete a fourth year project and was a summer student. The fall after I received my BSc. I joined the department as a graduate student. The department is filled with amazing faculty and other students who create an amazing workspace for conducting research. The gorgeous campus and excellent students and staff made me want to stay at Guelph for a couple more years.

About my advisor

My advisor Dr. Jasmin Lalonde is an excellent mentor. His expertise in neuroscience and molecular biology has allowed me to continuously grow as a researcher. He is always available to help me troubleshoot my experiments and give me advice and support. His excellent teaching skills will continue to help me to mature into a successful researcher over the course of my graduate studies.    

About the campus

The UofG campus is absolutely stunning! There is nothing better than being able to sit on Johnston Green and read a book in the middle of the summer

Words of advice

Guelph is an amazing school academically and socially. You will be able to conduct cutting-edge research, surrounded by people who passionate, intelligent and supportive. There are so many social events and opportunities so don't be nervous to join clubs, teams or come out to social events!

How will my work Improve Life?

My research focuses on studying the underlying molecular mechanisms which contribute to synaptic plasticity. By understanding these key underpinnings which contribute to learning and memory, this can be extrapolated to help researchers understand the pathophysiology of neurological diseases such as Bipolar Disease, Alzheimer's disease, and Schizophrenia, hopefully leading to the identification of improved pharmacological treatments.

My future plans

After graduation I hope to continue my love for research by pursuing further graduate studies. Guelph has been amazing in helping me develop the core skills I need to be a successful researcher and pursue my goals within academia.