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Amanda Boetzkes

Professor Amanda Boetzkes


Art History and Visual Culture
European Studies
Studio Art

About the work… 

My research focuses on the aesthetics and ethics of art as these intersect with ecology and visual technologies of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. I write about the aesthetic, ethical and political underpinnings of art and other forms of visual culture. I have published about earth art in the late 20th century; body art, performance, and conceptual art; waste aesthetics; energy economies, including the global oil industry; and the emerging paradigm of political ecology. My current research considers modes of visualizing climate change, particularly in the circumpolar North.

How art can improve life...

The core question that guides my research is: how does art change the lens by which we see the world? This question has led to my current line of questioning, which regards how a theory of ecological perception can explain the relationship between art and other social responses to environmental crisis.

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