Andrew Gadsden | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Andrew Gadsden

Portrait of Dr. Andrew Gadsden


My research is in the area of mechanical and electrical engineering. It involves the development of intelligent control and estimation strategies with applications to mechatronic systems, robotics, and real-world problems.


How my research improveslife…

My research addresses a number of engineering and societal issues. For example, one project involves the development of an autonomous robotic telescope system for NASA. The system will be used to calibrate NASA's earth observing satellites that are responsible for monitoring climate change and other studies.

Why choose U of G grad studies…

The engineering graduate program at the University of Guelph is rapidly growing and is becoming well known internationally. The program offers advanced degrees in mechanical, electrical, computer, environmental, biomedical, and water engineering. Research projects are industry and government sponsored, and provide significant opportunity for personal growth and future job training.