Caleb Sawh | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Caleb Sawh

Portrait of graduate student Caleb Sawh (MSc, Marketing & Consumer Studies) in the atrium of MacDonald Stewart Hall at the University of Guelph

2019 MSc Marketing & Consumer Studies

About being a grad student at Guelph...

Being a graduate student was a great experience! UofG supports its students in making the program accessible to people of all capacities. I found myself engaging with people from different countries, stages of life, and experience. I really loved the different perspectives that was brought to my classes each week since the people in my program came from all walks of life.


2019 Graduate – Marketing & Consumer Studies, MSc

Why I Chose Guelph… 

I chose to complete my graduate studies at the University of Guelph because this program is like none other in the country. In interviewing and meeting with the staff, I immediately knew UofG was the place for me, because I already felt like  I was part of the University of Guelph, and I never felt like just and applicant or student number, I was a person with valuable ideas and interests.

About My Advisor… 

My advisor gave me the freedom to choose a topic that I was interested in. She understood the importance of allowing me to pick a topic I was passionate about and supported me through the process. Her background knowledge and leadership provided a great environment to learn under.


What Makes U of G Unique?

The U of G campus is gorgeous. From the century-old architecture, to the modern buildings and green spaces. Everyone around the campus is so friendly and helpful that you will never get lost. The campus is so perfectly spread out that even if you do get lost, you can be sure you will explore a new part of campus you have never seen before and will be glad you got to see it, no matter what the season.

About the City of Guelph… 

Coming from the GTA, the City of Guelph was a breath of fresh air. Both literally and figuratively. Everything moves a little slower in Guelph, in the best possible way. Guelphites are the most welcoming, open, friendly and considerate people I have ever encountered. I wish everyone I knew was as friendly and polite as the people in Guelph. Guelph is an amazing city that often goes over-looked and under-considered.

About Future Goals

After graduation I plan on finding a job in the field of marketing research. UofG not only has equipped me with the tools to be successful in the field, but they have prepared me to be a cut above the rest of the applicants. UofG has also offered seminars where I had the opportunity to hear from and get to know individuals in the field, so I know what to expect as I head into the field, and I have been able to network with the people I may be working with in the future.

How Will Your Research Improve Life?

My research will help consumers to make better consumption choices and live healthier lifestyles. Through my research, consumers will be educated on ways to make better decisions when choosing food, and will help firms successfully promote healthier food and lifestyle options to consumers.