Courtney R. Schott | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Courtney R. Schott

Portrait of graduate faculty Courtney R. Schott (Pathobiology PhD, DVSc, MSc)

About my research:

Osteosarcoma is an aggressive bone cancer in dogs and people. My lab investigates the mechanisms that permit osteosarcoma cells to spread to new sites (metastasis) and survive exposure to chemotherapy (chemoresistance). Additionally, we are working on identifying biomarkers that can help predict outcomes and/or guide therapeutic decisions for patients with osteosarcoma.



How my Research Improves Life:

In most osteosarcoma patients, the cancer spreads and progresses despite the use of aggressive chemotherapy. Our goal is to identify which tactics cells use to spread throughout the body and survive chemotherapy, then determine how we can exploit our improved understanding of osteosarcoma biology to benefit patients. Our research will impact osteosarcoma patients through the development of new tools to predict how a patient will progress or respond to therapy and through new targeted treatments, improving disease outcomes.