Danielle Bourque | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Danielle Bourque

Danielle Bourque

2019 MSc Integrative Biology
Research Area: 
Environmental DNA (eDNA)

Words of advice...

The Biodiversity Institute/Centre for Biodiversity Genomics is the IB departments best-kept secret, in my opinion! There are endless opportunities available if you take initiative.


2019 Graduate – Integrative Biology, MSc

Why I Chose Guelph…

I chose to conduct graduate studies at Guelph because of the strong network and laboratory skill set that I built in the Hanner Laboratory on campus during my undergraduate degree.

About My Advisor…

I spent the majority of my undergraduate degree working in Bob Hanner's lab, developing refined skills in species detection using molecular tools such as DNA barcoding and qPCR. By the time I decided to take on a graduate thesis, it was a no-brainer to stay and increase the depth of my knowledge in the cutting-edge area of environmental DNA at the University of Guelph.

About the City of Guelph…

Easy access to greenspace is the most attractive element of this city. I love taking my mountain bike out on the local trails and to Guelph Lake. I also appreciate the easy access to bike lanes for commuting to school, which enables me to both live without owning a vehicle and not be entirely dependent on the transit system. Guelph also has some unique businesses that cater to my interests, like The Grotto rock climbing gym and Play With Clay!

My Future Plans…

I plan to find a job in industry or research and development related to environmental DNA.

About Campus…

Not too big, yet not too small. And naturally beautiful!