Dave Guyadeen | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Dave Guyadeen

Portrait of professor Dave Guyadeen by a river


Graduate Programs: 

Rural Planning & Development

About my research...

My research centres on understanding how the theory and practice of evaluation is linked to planning practice and planning theory. I specifically focus on exploring how we can assess the quality of various planning initiatives (e.g., official community plans, climate change plans, etc.), their implementation and the outcomes of these initiatives.

How my research can improve life...

Evaluation is rooted in the principle that government interventions should have demonstrable benefits. This is especially important in planning where planners use public resources to help shape communities (e.g., through land use planning). My research aims to help improve the evaluative function in planning by supporting planners to embrace and apply evaluation theories and methods in their work.

Why Guelph?

The Rural Planning and Development program is an accredited planning program that provides students with a firm grasp of the planning profession. Students learn about how to plan for rural, small town, remote and northern communities by exploring real-world local planning issues and challenges. The faculty is dedicated to helping students succeed in their studies and ultimately as planning professionals.