David Huyben | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

David Huyben

Fish swimming under water


Animal Biosciences

About my research...

Dr. Huyben’s research program focuses on the nutrition, microbiome and health of farmed salmonid fishes, especially rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon. Specifically, his studies involve feeding omega-3 fatty acids, single-cell proteins, insects and probiotics and investigating their effects on the growth performance, immune response and gut microbiome of fish using nutritional analyses, mass spectrometry, qPCR and 16S rDNA next-generation sequencing.

How my research improves life...

The aquaculture industry is faced with many challenges, such as quality feed and disease outbreaks, in Canada and around the globe. Dr. Huyben's research aims to replace fishmeal and fish oil with sustainable ingredients (e.g. insects and microbes) while meeting nutritional requirements of fish and improving immune defence and disease resistance. He routinely collaborates with feed and fish farming companies as well as government agencies and universities, both nationally and internationally with the aim to improve the sustainability, growth and resilience of the aquaculture industry.

Why chose grad studies at U of G?

Grad students in Dr. Huyben's lab will be involved in several aquaculture projects with either rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, lake whitefish, Arctic charr or zebrafish where they will develop several nutritional, molecular and data analysis skills while working closely with government, academic and industry partners. Grad students will develop skills and knowledge to become aquaculture scientists and create network connections with potential future employers.