Gessuri Garcia | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Gessuri Garcia

U of G alumni Gessuri Garcia Graandos

2023 MCTI


Master of Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence

Advice for Prospective Grad Students...

Knowing that you are ignorant is not a bad thing. You always have to have the willingness and humility to learn new things, whether at work or personally.

Why I chose Guelph...

The courses offered by the MCTI program at the University of Guelph adapt to market needs, like privacy and threat intelligence, in addition to the fact that the program lasts one year, offering the ability to enter the labour market as soon as possible.

About my path...

My path in cybersecurity started in 2015 in a vulnerability management team. Then I moved to an incident response team where I was involved in operations and projects. I decided to enroll in the master's program because of my curiosity to learn more about the different areas of cybersecurity.

How will my work 'Improve Life'?

My internship focuses on developing a machine learning model to identify who is behind a cybersecurity attack to know the motivations, the following steps and the possible consequences. The proper profiling of the threat actor group and the tactics, techniques and procedures they use in an attack will aid companies, governments and educational entities with the prompt response in a cybersecurity incident.

Tell us something about you, beyond being a grad student...

I am from Mexico. I arrived here with my three dogs. I love meeting people from around the world and learning things about their countries and culture. I spend my time reading, walking my dogs, and embroidering.