Graham Holloway | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Graham Holloway

Portrait of Professor Graham Holloway


Human Health & Nutritional Sciences, Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism

About my research…

Our research investigates metabolism across the human health spectrum, with a particular emphasis on the regulation of mitochondrial bioenergetics in adipose tissue, liver, skeletal muscle and the heart. Our research is focussed on understanding the relationship between mitochondrial 'function' and cellular health, as well as the dynamic response of mitochondria to exercise and nutritional interventions, diabetes and aging.

How my research improves life…

A key objective or our research is to identify novel regulation in mitochondrial bioenergetics in diverse tissues (primarily adipose tissue, liver, muscle and heart) that can be easily modified through diet and exercise interventions to prevent common diseases. In this respect, our main goal is to identify novel lifestyle interventions that improve the health of individuals.