Jamie Burr | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

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Jamie Burr

Jamie Burr


Our lab mission is to help people get more from their body as a result of physical movement.


Human Health & Nutritional Sciences

About my research…

I examine the role of exercise in both human health and human performance. Our lab specifically focuses on novel perturbations to normal physiology, including factors such as blood flow manipulation, applications of training and monitoring techniques, and supplements.

How my research improves life…

Our lab mission is to help people get more from their body as a result of physical movement. This applies across the spectrum of age and activity: from the elite athlete pursuing gains in performance to the person at risk of chronic disease seeking improvements in health. We seek to accomplish this by gaining a better understanding of the physiological limits to optimal human body performance and the interactions with the physiological stressors of physical activity and exercise.

Why you should choose Guelph…                 

We are one of the few exercise laboratories in Canada with a true focus on sport performance, and our relationships with the elite athletes (and clubs) who live and train in Guelph offers a unique research and training environment. Our laboratory is well equipped to study both whole body and mechanistic cardiovascular/cardiometabolic physiological processes, making it competitive with the best in Canada. Existing collaborations within the Cardiovascular Physiology & Performance Research Group, as well as the Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations (CCVI) at Guelph open the door to a breadth and depth of capability in human and animal model testing.