Janet Beeler-Marfisi | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Janet Beeler-Marfisi

Janet Beeler-Marfisi


My lab studies lung disease in horses, cats, and dogs. We look for relationships between air pollution and the incidence of asthma. As well, we are developing more detailed ways of understanding how lung diseases arise, and finding more accurate methods for diagnosing them.



How my Research Improves Life…

People share their environment with dogs, cats, and horses, if we are better able to understand what causes the lung disease in animals, then we can figure out ways of improving the animal's and therefore, the person's environment.

Why you should choose Guelph…

The PhD and Doctor of Veterinary Science programs provide a PhD-level program side-by-side with specialty training in Veterinary Pathology in a very supportive environment. Our program ensures that the graduate is ready for careers in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics, and many others.