Julang Li | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Julang Li

Portrait of professor Julang Li


About the research…

Dr. Li’s research interests include biotechnological approaches and mechanisms used for increasing animal production and preventing disease. Additional areas of research include investigating the development of ovarian follicles and oocyte maturation.

How my research improves life…

My research program on bioactive peptide production and application aims to develop alternatives to antibiotics. These peptides will help to improve disease resistance through their antimicrobial effects, enhancing intestinal development and improving tissue repair. 
Understanding the physiology and mechanism of livestock reproduction will help improve human and animal fertility. Our research on fertility and ovarian function in pigs has garnered attention from human in-vitro fertilization researchers. In addition, we are working with the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement to help identify markers in the saliva and blood of female pigs to select those with high fertility potential. 

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