Leanne Son Hing | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Leanne Son Hing

U of Guelph Psychology Prof. Leanne Son Hing




About my research

I study the inequalities that exist in society and in organizations, such as the workplace, be they along the lines of income, status, and power, or based on marginalized identities like gender, ethnicity, etc. I study the individual differences, situational determinants, and broader contexts by which inequality is reinforced and legitimized, such as beliefs in meritocracy. I also work on strategies to mitigate inequalities and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

How my research improves life

Inequalities, injustices, and the experience of bias and discrimination can be stressful, harm people's well-being, and lead to burnout. In addition, such dynamics can hurt team dynamics and work performance. By understanding these phenomena better, we can work to improve people's opportunities and experiences at school and work.

Why choose U of G?

Our Industrial-Organizational Psychology (I-O) graduate program is one of the best in North America, as we train students to be excellent researchers with consulting know-how. Our faculty are supportive and we have a strong sense of community among our graduate students.