Safia Mahabub Sauty | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Safia Mahabub Sauty

PhD Molecular and Cellular Biology student Safia Mahabub Sauty leaves the Summerlee Science Complex

PhD Molecular & Cellular Biology

Some words of advice...

Get involved in the community. Grad school is more than your research project; expand your contributions beyond your field of research and into the community where you are working.


Molecular & Cellular Biology

Why did you choose to complete your graduate studies in your program at the University of Guelph?

I followed the science!

What work are you doing at the University of Guelph?

I study epigenetic inheritance and try to understand how certain genetic predispositions are passed through generations. I work with cells that are a few micrometers in size. It is exciting to realize that I can pick apart the molecules inside an entity that small, figure out what each of them does, and then put them back together to create the whole picture.

How can my research Improve Life?

I research epigenetic regulation in cells, which if gone wrong creates many human diseases. It is important for us to understand how healthy cells maintain their epigenome so we can harness the knowledge to reprogram diseased cells. 
I also get to teach undergraduate students as a TA, and this is where I make the most direct impact. It is satisfying to know that I am contributing to the education and campus experience of students. I try to alleviate the fear of making mistakes in the lab, and generate enthusiasm for science and research.