Sally Hickson | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Sally Hickson


MA Art History and Visual Culture

About the work… 

Italian Renaissance specialist with an emphasis on women patrons and collectors. I study art and material culture in the context of female friendship networks, the social life of art, and constructions of gender and identity in early modern culture. I am interested in Renaissance representation and marginalized identities. I'm also an expert in the history of illustrated books and printing in Renaissance Venice, and the history and theory of Renaissance architecture.

How art can improve life...

I look at art and identities, and art as an agent for social networking and social change. I also focus on the role of women in disrupting dominant discourses in the discipline, and in voicing social and intellectual change from past to present, inside and outside the academy.

Why Choose SOFAM at UofG for graduate studies?

Guelph offers students an opportunity to study with experts who effectively communicate the ways art and visual culture make an impact on the world. We recognize the vital importance of understanding and practicing visual literacy in the drive to social change, and to our understanding of our selves and others.