Samantha Brennan | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Samantha Brennan

U of G Dean of the College of Arts Samantha Brennan




About my research

My research is in normative ethics and feminist philosophy. My scholarship spans a wide range of areas in contemporary theoretical and applied ethics, including rights; moral issues within families, such as children's rights, parental obligations, and family justice; feminist ethics; and the moral and political value of equality. Her research interests also include political philosophy, bioethics, gender identity and sexuality, the moral significance of human mortality, fashion, and sports ethics.

How my research improves life

My recent research on micro-inequities, small wrongs which are morally significant when they add up to large harms, helps us to understand barriers to inclusion and diversity in workplace and university settings. My research is connected to my commitment to improving the situation of women and members of other marginalized groups in the field in Philosophy. My work on feminism and fitness likewise aims at improving well-being for women. Finally, my work on family ethics and children's rights aims to engage with the ethics of how children and families are treated.

Why choose U of G?

We're an active community of researchers in ethics and feminist philosophy. We're closely connected with other feminist philosophers in the area through the Southwestern Ontario Feminist Philosophers' Workshop.