Sandeep Mishra | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Sandeep Mishra

Portrait of Professor Sandeep Mishra



About my research:

My graduate students and I research the psychology of risk-taking (motivations, propensity, gambling, antisocial conduct) and social valuation and competition (inequality, dis/advantage, social comparison).

How my research improves life:

Inequality is becoming ever-more entrenched in societies, and we are starting to see its damaging effects on the social fabric locally and globally. How do people feel about their place in the world relative to others, and what consequences does this understanding have on social judgments, decision-making, and health? Our work seeks to understand the psychological "lived experience" of social valuation and competition broadly, and its influence on risk-taking and mental health and well-being in particular.

Why Guelph?

The UofG is a welcoming, beautiful campus populated by confident, curious, and humble people. The UofG is a wonderful place to explore the wide world of ideas, with access to an unparalleled (and kind!) community of scholars.