Sarah Martone | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Sarah Martone

Portrait of graduate student Sarah Martone

Advice for Prospective Grad Students...

Put yourself out there and network! Keep yourself open to all opportunities and market yourself.


MSc. Biomedical Sciences – Reproductive Biotechnology & Development

MPH Public Health

Why I chose Guelph...

I chose the University of Guelph because of my amazing undergraduate experience. My program is also unique to UoG so continuing my education here was a perfect match. My program offers me placement opportunities to network and the chance to learn from faculty and professionals in reproductive sciences.​

What is it like to be a grad student at U of G?

Awesome! Being a graduate student has given me such confidence in myself and that has translated to every aspect of my life.

What's the best thing about the campus?

The guide dog puppies.

About the city of Guelph...

There are some great hiking trails around Guelph, like Starky Hill and my favourite coffee shop downtown is the Red Brick Cafe!

How will my work Improve Life?

My project will hopefully allow field biologists to learn about wild snake populations by classifying sheds in the wild as either male or female. By being able to identify males/females from a non-invasive perspective we are limiting stress on these snakes and leaving a buffer between venomous snakes and any handlers.

My future plans...

My program has encouraged me to challenge myself and further pursue my academic journey. I am looking at professional programs to enhance the knowledge I have gained from my program.