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Silvia Sarapura

Dr. Silvia Sarapura and students


Rural Planning & Development
Latin American and Caribbean Studies

About my research

My research interests focus on interdisciplinary and intersectional gender planning research in agri-food systems for policy and program development. I have been able to witness in Africa, Asia, and Latin America the inequalities women (migrant, indigenous, visible minorities) confront to contribute and benefit from agriculture. Agriculture research has to generate rigorous data to ensure policy response and quality of interventions that answer to both the different groups of women and men. This research has to be systematic, contextual, interdisciplinary, and transformative. It should consider the systems, the institutions, and structures to address the root causes of gender inequality in order to close the gender gaps in food systems. Feminist and gender research are integrated to applied research – integration of social sciences and bio-physical science to influence policies and change in communities, regions and countries.

How my research improves life

Agriculture in less-developed countries cannot achieve its full potential if the gender dynamics of different groups are not addressed. We must move beyond examining individual factors (e.g., biology, socioeconomic status, sex, gender, and race) and consider the relationships and interactions between them and across multiple levels, to bring attention to important differences within population groups that are often portrayed as relatively homogenous (e.g., women, migrants, Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, etc.). The goal is to consider and address inequalities in the agricultural sector and contribute to more impactful policy and program development.

About the Rural Planning and Development program

The Rural Planning and Development Program builds on theory and concepts to address rural issues in practice and real life. Our students have the option to choose among different fields of study with courses that can easily be applied in the Canadian and International Streams. We are a unique program in Canada with a very diverse faculty who puts the student at the front. Our aim is to support our students to use their potentials and support rural development in Canada and internationally.