Stephanie Croyle | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Stephanie Croyle

Stephanie Croyle

2020 PhD Population Medicine
Research Area: 
Epidemiology and Dairy Cattle Lameness

Words of advice...

Guelph will provide you with a supportive and stimulating academic environment. My advisors have provided me with the freedom to explore my research interests and the support and mentorship to help me become a better scientist. Their positive attitudes and confidence in my abilities has allowed me to achieve success in my research goals. There are loads of clubs one could join (e.g. qualitative journal club, welfare and behavior group, dairy journal club, graduate student social committees, art clubs, etc.) In addition, my graduate program has provided me with a safe and interactive social environment (e.g. intramural sports, city leagues, department socials). 

For my non-native English-speaking friends, there is a plethora of support from the international office! In addition, the library provides lots of writing and technical support! 


Population Medicine (Epidemiology), PhD

How my Research will Improve Life… 

I have had the opportunity to share my research results with farmers, and help teach them how to identify mild lameness in their herds, which improves the overall herd health and production for the farmer, as well as welfare for the cows.

Why I Chose Guelph… 

The University of Guelph has an international reputation for its dairy research as well as for its Campbell Centre for Animal Welfare. As a large animal veterinarian from Florida, I wanted an international perspective in both dairy and animal welfare. In addition, the Dairy at Guelph team works closely with Dairy Farmers of Canada, and I wanted to be a part of research and extension through the first Canadian National Dairy Study, which was to be implemented during my graduate studies. 

About My Advisor… 

I have two co-advisors, Dr. David Kelton and Dr. Stephen LeBlanc, who have both provided me with the freedom to explore my research interests and the support and mentorship to help me become a better scientist! Their positive attitudes and confidence in my ability has allowed me to succeed.  

About the City of Guelph… 

Guelph is a great University town, and has become my home away from home.  If you want natural areas to walk your dog, you can go to Guelph Lake or the Hanlon Dog Park. If you want good food and fun, you can go downtown where there is a variety of great food spots and pubs. I have joined a city volleyball and softball team, and have engaged myself in the community.  

There are intramural teams for almost any sport. I decided, "When in Canada, you should do as Canadians do" and play hockey! Having never played or skated before, I was able to join a beginner league where I was welcomed with encouragement from the girls on my team. After 2 years, I feel I am now a competitive member of the teams! 

I have made long lasting friend through my department. We have encouraged each other both in our programs and in our personal lives. 

Being a Graduate Student at Guelph… 

At Guelph, you can be as engaged as you would like! There are many opportunities shared through email and websites for social outings. There are also regular seminars through various departments, which help you expand your mind and tap into innovative research methods! 

Through my program at Guelph, I have been able to present my data at multiple conferences, including one in Dublin Ireland, where I met cattle researchers from across the globe! 

My Future Plans… 

After graduation, I would like to become an extension veterinarian. This is a liaison between research and industry.  

Guelph has helped me reach the qualification for that goal in every way possible. I have been given opportunities to speak with practicing veterinarians, with active dairy farmers, and with other researchers across the globe.  

In addition, my advisors have provided me with a strong network of researchers domestically and internationally by introducing me to researchers where I might have future job potential. They have also provided me the opportunity to teach segments of courses on campus! 

About Campus… 

I love the small town feel, despite having such impactful research happening here! The staff has taken the time to learn who I am - rather than being a number, I am a member the community. 

About Student Services… 

I have used Writing support in the Library. I received quality one-on-one research writing help when I was stuck in one area of my research writing. 

About Financial Support… 

My department provided me the financial support I needed as an international student.