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Thanasis Stengos

U of G Economics Professor Thanasis Stengos




About my research

I work on theoretical and empirical econometric methods. My work is mainly on non-parametric and nonlinear models both from a theoretical and an empirical perspective. Applications are the areas of economic growth, empirical finance and empirical energy and environmental economics.

How my research improves life

Some of my research deals with the issue of human capital (education) accumulation and its impact on economic growth. Education is taken to be one of the big drives of economic development and growth as it enhances both the quality and the quantity of the resources used in the production process.

Why choose U of G?

The economics and finance program has been very successful in placing our graduates in academia (the vast majority of our PhD students have academic jobs) as well and the private sector (most of our MA graduates have jobs in the financial and banking sector).