Trevor J. DeVries | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Trevor J. DeVries

Portrait of professor Trevor J. DeVries


Promotion of dairy cattle health, production, efficiency, and welfare not only contributes to economic viability of the dairy production sector, but also provides benefits to the consumers of milk products. These benefits include environmental sustainability, maintenance of milk nutritional quality and safety, as well as assurance that milk is sourced from animals that have been raised humanely.


About the research…

Dr. DeVries and his team focus their research on understanding the links between dairy cattle behaviour, nutrition, and physiology. The primary focus is on developing a fundamental understanding of the factors influencing the expression of feeding behaviour in dairy cattle, and the physiological consequences of that behaviour on health, performance, and welfare.

Screenshot of video interview with Prof. Trevor DeVries Trevor DeVries discusses cow behaviour from OAC's 60 Second Videos