Tselmuun Tserenkhuu | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Tselmuun Tserenkhuu

Portrait of graduate student Tselmuun Tserenkhuu



PhD. Economics

Why I chose Guelph

During my master's studies in economics, I was encouraged to apply for the PhD program at Guelph by some of my professors who are familiar with the program. Looking back now, I think Guelph is the right fit for me.

About my advisor

My advisor has been very supportive with his instructive guidance and suggestions during the process of choosing my thesis topic. I am excited about starting our research and where the results take us.

What is it like to be a grad student at U of G?

Being a graduate student is a lot of work. So good time management is a key for being successful as a graduate student.

About the city of Guelph

I like the fact that Guelph is a livable city with a small town community feel. Also, Toronto is just an hour-bus-drive away - which is a plus.

Words of advice

Stay focused on your research but do not forget to make some time for your other active interests.

How will my work Improve Life?

Our research focuses on the effects of different social security reforms in a model with explicit housing and labor/leisure choices. Given that there is a significant increase in the costs of public pensions and health-care plans in most advanced economies due to the ageing of the population, we want to compare the welfare implications of alternative reforms that can potentially be proposed to mitigate these costs. We hope that our analysis can shed light on policy issues faced by the advanced economies.

My future plans

After graduation, I want to work in academia as a researcher. I think that, with supportive colleagues and professors in our department, I can grow both professionally and personally during my studies here at UofG and reach my long-term goals.