Tyler Yap Young | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Tyler Yap Young

U of G MSc Management student, Tyler Tap Young in front of a gymnastics facility

Words of wisdom for a prospective grad student...

Do not be afraid to engage with your professors and fellow students. Professors want to help you succeed so do not be afraid to reach out to them. The people who best know what you are going through are you fellow students. Ask how they are doing, ask if they have any tips for the upcoming assignment. Doing this will help make you a part of the LANG community.



Why did you choose Guelph?

I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Guelph and at the LANG business school. I love the University of Guelph campus and the atmosphere that LANG fosters. I chose to continue my studies at LANG so I could further engage with the LANG community and develop my thinking skills even further. It has always been a goal of mine to open my own business. I guess you could say I have inherited an "entrepreneurial spirit". The innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship stream was the perfect choice to help me develop my entrepreneurial skills.

A bit about the work you are doing here...

This program provides a good balance of theoretical research and hands on skill building. Currently, I am working on a project that deals with ethical leadership in sport. We are creating resources to help train people to make ethical decisions. This is an example of some of the theoretical/ research based work the LANG business school offers. On the other hand I just finished a project where I acted as a consultant to a local entrepreneur and helped develop his new start up. This is an example of the more hands on/practical work I find myself performing at LANG.

How do you think your research can potentially improve life?

Sport can be a vessel for positivity and can improve the lives of everyone who participates. The problem with sport comes when leaders can unethically or in extreme cases illegally. My research will help coaches, athletes, parents, and executives understand what it means to make ethical decisions and hopefully push them to make ethical decisions in the real world. When people make ethical decisions in sport, they create a positive environment for all participants.