Data Analysis - Manipulation in R using dplyr and tidyr | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Data Analysis - Manipulation in R using dplyr and tidyr

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R is a programming language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. This workshop will introduce you to the dplyr package which makes tabular data manipulations easier by using a set of functions to extract and summarize insights from your data. The tidyr package works well with tidyr to quickly convert between different data formats (long vs wide) for graphing and analysis.

Audience: This workshop builds upon the material presented in Part 1: Into R and RStudio. This is not an introductory workshop and requires participants to have taken Part 1 or have experience with R. Please bring a laptop for your own use during the workshop. Before attending the workshop, please complete the following:

                Download and Install R

                                   Windows User:

                                Mac User:

                   Install RStudio Desktop:

                What is R used for? Introduction to RStudio basics (5 min):

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