Graduate Student University Teaching Days GSUTD 2021 | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Graduate Student University Teaching Days GSUTD 2021

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This will be the third annual Graduate Student University Teaching Days (GSUTD), which will again be offered in a completely remote format. This week (Monday August 23rd – Thursday August 26th, 2021) is a series of teaching development days designed to support graduate students in improving their teaching skills and building connections with other instructors at the University of Guelph.

Whether you are a graduate student, teaching assistant, or sessional lecturer, we invite you to attend our week-long programming to learn with and from others as we all prepare for the upcoming academic year. Each day of the week features two teaching workshops to choose between, one plenary session, one round table discussion, and one networking event. This week has been designed to allow you to attend as much or as little as you would like so that we can accommodate the various schedules and needs of graduate students.