Can I defer admission to a different semester? | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Can I defer admission to a different semester?

Requests for deferrals are approved by the department to which you have applied. Please contact the department directly to see if a deferral to a future semester is an option. If so, follow the directions on the Monitor Your Status and Offer website under the  "Deferring your Offer of Admission" section. Department contacts, as well as a link to their website, can be found by visiting our Programs page.

Please note: this applies to deferrals of offers only, not applications which have yet to have a decision made.

For all application-related inquiries/changes, please be sure that you are contacting us using your University of Guelph email address. This helps us to ensure that the integrity of your application is protected, allows us to locate your files more easily, and thus respond to your inquiries faster. We appreciate your understanding.