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Alex Gezerlis

U of G professor Alex Gezerils




About my research

We work on nuclear theory, broadly construed: we start from the interaction between two or three nucleons and see how we can build up nuclei or neutron stars from scratch. Much of this research is also relevant to the physics of ultracold atoms. Our work involves a combination of intuitive approaches and modern supercomputing facilities.

How my research improves life

We work on basic science. This is curiosity-driven theoretical work, in which we try to make predictions for systems of experimental interest. While a number of practical applications may follow from related work, our own group focuses on first-principles understanding of how things work (or don't work).

Why choose U of G?

The grad program in physics lies at a sweet spot: large enough that students are exposed to all major subfields of physics, yet small enough to allow for a personalized approach to student progress and well-being.