Andrew Bailey | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Andrew Bailey

University of Guelph Philosophy Professor Andrew Bailey



About my research...

I welcome graduate students interested in working on issues in the philosophy of mind, AI or general metaphysics. I have expertise in topics concerning phenomenal consciousness, physicalism (zombies!), mental causation and epiphenomenalism, phenomenal intentionality, panpsychism, and theories of perception. I also have an interest in embodied cognition and theories of the self/non-self, and I am developing a new research program on ethical implications of AI. In addition, I welcome graduate students with an interest in working on the thought of William James and connected issues (pragmatism, radical empiricism, related thinkers, the early history of psychology etc.).

How my research Improves Life...

My research addresses the place and role of phenomenal consciousness in the physical world, a question which has deep implications for our understanding of reality and potential applications in, for instance, psychology and medicine. I also work on the social and ethical consequences of AI technologies, which engages with pressing issues to do with, for example, employment patterns, privacy, security, fairness, and even existential threats to humanity.

Why choose Philosophy at U of G...

The philosophy programs at the University of Guelph provide a supportive and rigorous environment in which to pursue high-quality philosophy that engages with important theoretical and practical issues. Philosophy at Guelph prides itself on its openness to fruitful cross-disciplinary explorations and innovative ways to bring philosophy into contact with the world.