Andrew Hamilton-Wright | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Andrew Hamilton-Wright

University of Guelph Biotechnology Professor Andrew Hamilton-Wright


We look at interesting data problems with real-world impact.​


Computational SciencesBioinformatics and Data Science

Collaborative Specialization in One Health, Collaborative Specialization in Artificial Intelligence


About my research…

I use machine-learning and knowledge discovery techniques in clinically relevant biomedical applications. I am interested in the following types of problems:

* machine learning and pattern recognition on time series data

* dynamic postural data risk characterization

* clinical decision support using electromyographic data

* visualization for risk analysis

* knowledge discovery and representation

My research focus is the application of computer-based decision support tools to the improvement of diagnostic support for muscular disease, using electrophysiological data, in particular regarding postural sequences and electromyography (EMG).

How my research improves life…

Greater understanding of biological signals improves our understanding of biological systems function, and has application in clinical areas such as muscular disease diagnosis, as well as in assessment of postural risk, driver hazard, and other areas. Greater understanding of these areas, increases our ability to manage the risks and opportunities in each.

Why chose U of G?

We look at interesting data problems with real-world impact.