Anjali Silva | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Anjali Silva

2018 PhD Bioinformatics
Research Area: 
Mixture model-based clustering, Bioinformatics

Why I Chose Guelph… 

My academic curiosity propelled me into Bioinformatics research. Upon completing undergraduate studies in Genetics, I was looking for opportunities to build on this foundation. The Bioinformatics program at the University of Guelph seemed to be the right fit. 


Bioinformatics, PhD 2018

Mathematics & Statistics, MSc 2013

How my Research will Improve Life… 

As a doctoral student in Bioinformatics, I was engaged in developing efficient and robust statistical clustering techniques to analyze biological data. My advisors and I were fortunate to work with several local and international collaborators to apply these methods to decipher human disease mechanisms and to understand how plants respond to various stresses. These findings have applications in improving human health and food security.  

My Future Plans… 

I would like to continue with Bioinformatics research at the industry or academic level. Guelph helped me reach this goal by offering numerous scholarships to support my doctoral studies, which helped me focus on research. Further, I was able to attend conferences to present my work and build a strong network with academic and industry researchers.