Ataharul Chowdhury | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Ataharul Chowdhury



Capacity Development and Extension, and Rural Studies

About my research 

I consider research a means to explore mechanisms for bringing about positive change in society. In the context of contemporary global and local challenges, I am interested in three research streams: (i) participatory media (e.g., video, theatre) for community learning and development, (ii) Information and Communication Technology (ICT), social and collaborative media for rural and regional development, (iii) capacity development for agri-food system and rural development.

How my research improves life…

The specific goal of my research is to advance understanding and prediction of processes, mechanisms, and conditions that work for improving the livelihoods of land users in complex, remote, and resource-poor contexts. I approach 'capacity' and 'development' issues related to food, agriculture, and natural resources from the socio-technical, policy, and people-focused perspectives that leverage beneficial changes at local, regional, and global scales and 'improve life'.

Why you should choose CDE at Guelph…

CDE is a unique program in Canada which enables students to gain necessary competencies as skilled professionals for dealing with complex problems of food, agriculture, environment,and health which require nuanced understanding of role of knowledge in societal change processes and human and technological dimensions of innovation. The graduates of this program contribute to the mission of 'improving life' in a variety of roles, such as change makers, facilitators, leaders, educators, activists as well as policy makers.